Earnest Money Delivery

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Bank Shot Remote Deposit 

Meridian Title & Escrow, LLC is proud to partner with Bank Shot for your remote earnest money deposits. Not all Colorado Title companies offer a secure deposit app to their clients. Bank Shot is a secure, top-of-the-line check deposit app  making this your easiest real estate transaction yet. Through the Android or Apple app, you can deposit your earnest money anytime, anywhere. Sign-up through the app with our company code 8837358 to remotely deposit your earnest money in just a matter of minutes. Below are some resources to help get you started.

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Deposit via Wire  

If you want to deliver your earnest money through a wire from your bank, feel free to give us a call. Please note that Meridian Title & Escrow, LLC will never send you unsolicited Wiring Instructions directly. You will need to personally speak to one of our representatives to obtain our wiring instructions over the phone or through our secure platform, Qualia. If you receive an email providing wiring instructions that you did not request, that appears to have come from us, please call us immediately as this is a fraudulent email. Before wiring any amount, please be sure to call the intended recipient to double-check the account information you have.

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Physical Check Delivery

If you're in the Denver metro area and you'd like to physically drop off a personal check or cashier's check for your earnest money, we have multiple locations available. Please see the addresses below that can accept your earnest money for your real estate transaction:

Meridian Title & Escrow, LLC

4155 E Jewell Ave #318

Denver, CO 80222

Metro Brokers (Affiliated Location)

188 Inverness Dr W #120

Englewood, CO 80112